As I have now become a qualified nutritionist I thought I should have my levels of vitamins and minerals checked. Although I eat a healthy diet I could not be sure whether I was using up too much of something, because of the amount exercise I do.

I asked the tester to particularly focus on a bread allergy as I had started to feel tired after lunch, not a good thing when I’m supposed to be full of beans to train my clients.

She discovered that I had too much yeast in my stomach (from over exercising!). She advised me to cut out certain foods for two weeks, which sounded terrible, but was actually quite easy.

Straight away I felt better, I realised that I had been paranoid about my stomach. I was convinced that it was getting fat and I would look at it every morning from all angles. This must have been because I was feeling bloated. After two weeks I felt fine again, and the added bonus was that I had lost four pounds!

Sometimes something simple can make you feel much better.

Jane Ardley

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