As we get older it becomes even more important to exercise and look after ourselves. It is not just about whether you think your bottom looks big or that the top of your arms are a bit wobbly.

  • Carrying extra weight puts strain on the heart. The heart is a muscle and if it is not used it will become weak.
  • The closer any extra weight is to your heart, the greater the risk is to your health. Put another way wobbly thighs are not as dangerous as a big stomach.
  • Carrying extra weight increases the risk of heart disease, developing diabetes, raised cholesterol levels and higher blood pressure.

That’s the negative view, now let’s take a look at the positive reasons for eating healthily and taking regular exercise:

  • Your heart will become stronger
  • Your whole circulation will be more efficient
  • Your bones will become stronger
  • Your posture will be improved
  • Any stress you experience will be relieved
  • Your co-ordination and reaction times will be improved
  • You will have more energy for everyday life
  • Your self confidence and feeling of well being will be increased.
  • Conditions such as diabetes and arthritis will benefit

Make exercise fit in with your daily life. Walk to the newsagent’s instead of jumping in the car. Park at the far end of the supermarket car park not as close as possible to the front door. If you usually take the lift use the stairs.

Exercise is not all about going to the gym or an exercise class with lots of scary, sweaty people. Having a healthier lifestyle that fits into your daily routine is much more important.

Once you have decided how you like to exercise, make a realistic plan and stick to it. I promise you will soon start to see and feel the benefits.

Jane Ardley

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