• Start every day with breakfast, it will give you steady energy until lunch.
  • Eat some fruit and/or vegetables each day.
  • Add physical activities to your daily routine. Walk short distances rather than take the car or bus, use the stairs instead of the lift. The possibilities are endless and a daily 30 minute walk has amazing health benefits.
  • Drink some still water each day.
  • Spend 10 minutes safely in natural sunlight whenever possible.  This is the best source of vitamin D.
  • Exercise with family or friends. Find an activity that everyone enjoys and do it together, this is much more fun.
  • Losing weight gradually is the key for keeping it off.
  • Cut down on your sugar and processed food intake.
  • Everyone, no matter what age, needs some calcium every day.
  • Learn to stretch properly.  You could take part in a class, invest in a Personal Trainer or buy a book or DVD.

Best wishes

Jane Ardley

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