Healthy Eating

Are you concerned about your diet, whether it is for weight reasons, or simply that you may not be eating the correct balance of nutrients?

It is very important, particularly as we get older, that we eat healthily. It affects our well-being and protects the body against illness and many medical conditions.

I can help you to make the most of your food to ensure your future health, in a helpful, realistic and non-critical way.

I can also devise a weight loss programme specifically for you, in the privacy of your own home.

If you want to consider specific allergy or intolerance testing, I can recommend Solar Health in Sevenoaks

The Benefits of Drinking Water

I’m not asking you to stop drinking your favourite tea, coffee or fizzy drink, just try gradually substituting one or two of these for a glass of still water through the day.  Once you feel the benefits you may want to drink more water.

Tap water is not always as pure as it should be, but don’t spend lots of money on bottled water. You could invest in a water filter jug; it is a much cheaper option.

And the benefits:

  • You should feel more energetic
  • Your digestive system should be more efficient
  • Your skin should look healthy and glowing
  • Your appetite should be more regular
  • Any headaches or joint pains should be reduced

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