Most people hold their stress in their shoulders.  Have you ever been annoyed and looked at yourself in the mirror?  You probably notice that your shoulders are up by your ears.

This is a natural reaction, but it can lead to a headache or a painful neck.  There is a quick and simple way to relieve this.  It can be done either standing up or sitting down, wherever you feel most comfortable.

If you are standing, have your feet naturally apart and slightly bend your knees.

If you are using a chair, make sure it is sturdy and without arms, a dining chair would be best.  Sit halfway forward in the chair, so that your feet are flat on the floor.

Always remember to breathe naturally.


Gently move your shoulders by lifting them to your ears and gently pushing them back down 6 times.

Lift your arms gently up to the sides, to shoulder height and back down to your sides 6 times.

Round both shoulders forward then gently push them back 6 times.


Keep both shoulders down and relaxed.

Tilt 1 ear towards your shoulder.  You will feel a stretch on the other side of your neck.  Hold this for the count of 6 and breathe.

Lift your head up and gently tilt the head to the other side.

Lift the head up and then drop your chin down, so you feel a stretch down the back of your neck.

Lift your head back to the middle, then turn your head to look to the side, again for the count of 6.

Gently turn your head to look forward then look round to the other side.

These moves sound simple, but they will help you realise if your neck is hurting in a particular place.

Best wishes

Jane Ardley

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