I have now officially passed the nutrition course and I wanted to share some tips with you that may be of help.

It is evident from the course just how important it is to look after ourselves. The concept of wellbeing says that there should be a balance between good nutrition, mental health and spiritual happiness. If one of these is out of balance the body is prone to disease. We can see this through nutrition as many overweight people suffer from heart problems, strokes and diabetes. But it is also important to look after the body as a whole.

I don’t want to shock, but it just shows how important it is to look after our bodies. Perhaps this is a good time to review our New Year resolutions, have they slipped a bit?

My main tips would be:

  • Eat 5 portions of vegetable &/or fruit daily. A portion example would be 5 fresh asparagus spears or 3 tablespoons of sliced carrots, a medium sized apple, tomato or 7 strawberries.
  • Drink some still water each day, anything with bubbles or caffeine does not count. Cut down on processed foods and try to cook from scratch if possible.
  • Try brown pasta or rice.
  • Don’t completely cut out something you love, just try less.
  • If you get peckish between meals then try plain nuts or a cracker rather than chocolate.

Has one of your children, or you, become particularly irritable or having trouble sleeping? It may be that there is a food allergy which is causing the problem. It is a painless process to test for this and I am happy to give you a contact if you are interested.

Jane Ardley

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