The daily healthy eating portions for an average 10 stone person are:

Bread/cereal/rice/pasta/potatoes 6-7
Vegetables 3-4
Fruit 2-3
Meat/poultry/fish/eggs 2
Milk/yoghurt/cheese 2
Fats/oils/sweets small

Examples of portion sizes:

1 Weetabix 1 egg sized potato
2 tbsp cooked rice, pasta, noodles 1 medium slice of bread
2 tbsp muesli 1 bagel
3 tbsp cereal flakes
2-3 tbsp tinned fruit in natural juice Small bowl of salad
1 medium carrot, tomato… 2-3 tbsp vegetables
7 strawberries 1 small glass fruit juice (150ml)
1 medium apple, pear, peach…
Meat /fish/poultry/eggs 50-100g lean meat, poultry, oily fish
100-150g white fish 1 medium egg
Dairy/yoghurt 1/3 pint milk
25g hard cheese (matchbox size) 130g pot yoghurt/fromage frais
Small pot cottage cheese

Best wishes

Jane Ardley

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