A friend replied to my newsletter about The Menopause saying:

Thank you for a very brave and frank article, which I know I will find useful.  May we all ride the storm easier because of your advice.

Personal Training Clients

Mr L of Sevenoaks

Jane is the complete professional.  I’m 78 but she has been able to tune in to my requirements and deliver what I needed to improve my fitness.  I’m grateful.

Mrs H of Tonbridge

Jane listens carefully to what you’re aiming to achieve and your exercise likes and dislikes.  She devises a programme that’s both effective and enjoyable.  She is very positive and down-to-earth and makes sure that you gain with no pain!  If you don’t like or can’t manage a particular exercise, she will adapt it to work for you with a smile and encouraging words.  At the end of a session with her, you feel energised, with every muscle in your body having had a good workout.

Miss L of Ightham

For many years I have had the benefit of Jane’s expert tuition in cardiovascular exercise and Pilates, each of her sessions was tailored to suit my needs. Jane, with her positive approach, and extensive knowledge is an excellent teacher.

Mrs M of Platt

3 years ago my health deteriorated, I became less mobile and life was becoming difficult.  One day a flyer dropped through the letterbox from JA Fitness, I’d never heard of them but thought it may be the answer to my prayers.

I contacted Jane and I’ve never looked back, there’s no doubt I’d be worse off physically without her help.  Jane is understanding, considerate, patient and makes it all fun instead of a chore.

I hated PE at school and tried the Leisure Centre group for Seniors in the past but, at 80 years old, to have Jane come to my home is “A-One”.

Mrs W near Leigh

Balancing exercises on the BOSU are great for strengthening core muscles and improving balance.  I faced an unexpected test when recently on holiday in Portugal.  Rain had left a steep cobblestone footpath unexpectedly slick, and my feet went shooting out from under me.  But my physical reflexes – honed by the training exercises – meant that instead of tumbling over, I maintained my balance, grabbed the handrail and managed to keep upright.  I didn’t fall and didn’t seriously pull any muscles!

So I was able to enjoy my holiday and return to the UK as planned, then have my training session with Jane later that week.

Mrs S of Sevenoaks

Thanks so much for the help you gave me.  Your friendly nature made exercising so much fun.  You also seemed to grasp my health problem, not many people can do that.  I’m so much more confident about things now and I feel as if I’m getting back into shape.



I have taught various local evening and day time classes, the most recent being Pilates.  I show various messages below, which are really a general endorsement for Pilates, and how it can be of benefit to everyone.

Mrs W from Otford

After multiple surgery on my right foot, I had no feeling in the toes and my balance was non existent.  Now, after a year of Pilates, I can stand on my toes with a concentrated effort.  I am told this is remarkable.

Mrs D from Kemsing

After suffering many years of back pain due to muscle spasms, nothing I tried would relieve it, including very high doses of pain relief.  I started Pilates about two years ago and the difference is amazing, I no longer suffer from the spasms which has now given me my life back.  I have also noticed I am more flexible, stronger and my posture has improved.  I highly recommend Pilates for the improvement and relief of back pain.

Mrs C from Seal

Pilates has made me think about my posture most of all, and the importance of keeping my body supple as I get older.  Balance is another factor to be addressed.  I try to practise some of the simple exercises that Jane recommends.  Best of all the lessons are fun as Jane has a brilliant sense of humour and is mindful of our ages and abilities.  I come home feeling energised and refreshed.

Mrs N of Kemsing

Thanks so much for my strengthened inner core muscles.  I can garden, bend, pick up things I never could before!

Mrs B of Wrotham

I wish to thank you for all the years of physical and mental wellbeing that you have given me through the Pilates classes.

Mrs C of Trottiscliffe

Pilates has made a real difference to my core strength in particular and muscle tone generally.  I think it’s the perfect way to gently exercise and tone up at any age without risk of injury.  The class is always great fun, and the relaxation time at the end ensures we leave feeling recharged, not exhausted!

Mrs C of Borough Green

Although being 60 something when I first started your class, I had always exercised and loved dancing so I wasn’t TOO unfit.  However, I had suffered recurring back problems for many years and had reached the stage where if I dropped the soap in the shower and bent to pick it up, I couldn’t get up again.  It was very disconcerting.  I also seemed to be constantly turning my ankle as my balance was poor.  After regular attendance at your class my balance was much improved so I was less prone to ankle injury and my problems gradually receded.  I can no longer remember the last time my back was cramped and painful although, sadly, your excellent therapy has not improved my memory!


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