As I have mentioned before it is important to find an aerobic activity that you enjoy. This could be dancing, cycling, rowing, swimming or jogging, but everyone, no matter what age or fitness level, will benefit by increasing the amount that they walk.

Walking is a great way to get some fresh air, have some time to yourself and look at the scenery, as well as burning calories and increasing your fitness. If you want to walk with someone else it is a good idea that they are roughly the same fitness level.

While walking you should feel warm but comfortable, breathe easily and feel that you could carry on at that speed for a while longer. Build up your stamina by gently increasing your speed, distance or adding a hill until you can walk three to five times every week for at least 30 minutes at a time.

If this sounds too complicated, another way to check how far you are walking is by wearing a Pedometer. This is a tiny gadget that you attach to your waistband and can be cheap to buy.  The manufacturers state that taking 10,000 steps daily is ideal. Personally I feel that this is a great way to measure how active you are during a day and how much you are increasing your exercise. It can also be interesting for friends and family to use and then realise how active, or inactive, they are during their daily lives.

I have measured some walks as examples:

One lap of Leybourne Lakes 4,000 steps
Borough Green to Wrotham Village & back 5,800 steps
From Hythe to Sandgate & back, along the seawalk 8,000 steps
Eynsford to Lullingstone Visitor Centre & back 8,300 steps

Just find a few routes you particularly enjoy & that will easily fit into your day.

Best wishes

Jane Ardley

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