Hello, there are three questions that people constantly ask me now, so I thought I would address them all in one newsletter.  The first is “How do I get rid of my wobbly tummy?”, the second is “What face cream do you use?”, the third is “Which dentist do you use?”.

1. The wobbly tummy is body fat.  The only way to reduce this is to eat healthily, think about portion control and take regular aerobic exercise.  This means moving constantly for at least 30 minutes, preferably every day.  Aerobic simply means your body is using oxygen because your heart is pumping, this will then burn calories and body fat.  I have covered this subject, and many more, in my previous newsletters which you can view on my website, this specific subject was covered in March 2009.

The exercise can be walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, rowing, skipping or running. Most importantly it should be an activity that you enjoy and can fit easily into your daily life. As well as reducing your wobbly tummy, there will be many more benefits to your body:

  • Your heart will become stronger, with blood pressure and cholesterol readings improving,
  • Your whole circulation will become more efficient,
  • Any stress you are experiencing will be relieved,
  • Co-ordination and reaction times will improve,
  • You will have more energy for everyday life,
  • Your feelings of self confidence and wellbeing will increase.

2. I have used Dermalogica facial products for at least nine years.  My original beautician has recently retired, so I have moved to Oakwood Beauty in Riverhead.  It is a very calm and peaceful place, which offers all sorts of beauty treatments.  You can find all the details at www.oakwoodbeauty.co.uk

3.  My dentist is located in Westerham Dental Care.  I used to be very anxious when visiting any dentist, but I now actually look forward to my appointments. All the details you need are at www.westerhamdental.com

As always, you are welcome to share your experiences with me.

Best wishes

Jane Ardley

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